Growing up, I would help my Dad build freshwater aquariums.

He started with a 10-gallon and worked up to a 150-gallon tank.

After a while, we drifted away from aquariums. I guess you could say life got in the way.

When the pandemic hit, I decided to build my own aquarium.

After doing hours of research, I came across planted aquariums. Specifically, low-tech (non-c02) tanks that require little maintenance.

I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to build. I’ve always been into art/nature and planted aquariums perfectly combined those elements.

The whole process of researching and aquascaping has been insanely therapeutic for me. It’s a beautiful way to reconnect with nature and forget about your everyday struggles.

After making all the classic beginner mistakes, my goal is to share my low-tech planted aquarium journey so it helps makes yours easier.

Welcome to Aqua Shack.